Eightfold Path



1. Yamas

ahimsa: non-harming

  • self-love during yoga (listen to yourself during asana)
  • with words, with thoughts (relates to judgement, expectations, the concept of destination, EGO)
  • vegetarian, animals
  • environment
  • ignorance is harmful – relates to intellect

satya: truth

  • speaking
  • living
  • asana
  • thoughts
  • actions (Rajas)
  • “Think the truth, speak the truth, be your truth.”

asteya: non-stealing

  • objects
  • ideas
  • time
  • energy

prahmacarya: “celibacy” 

  • wise-use of creative energies
  • walking with God

aparigrahah: non-hoarding, greedlessness

  • take only what you need
  • homeless, foreclosure

2. Niyamas: “observances”, “prescriptions”

sauca [saucha]: purity

  • asana, pranayama
  • cleanliness (Ayurveda, Pranic Foods)

santosha: contentment, peace, satisfaction, surrender

  • gratitude list
  • surrender to the divine plan

tapah: zeal, spiritual force

  • austerity
  • Agni: fire (stomach) – the fire, your truth, creative essence; moves through higher centers; purpose

svadhyaya: self-study

  • be a witness

ishvara pranidana: non-attachment to the outcome

  • bring back to highest and best
  • source







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