Random Sequencing Notes

1. Knees bent, feet mat width apart, drop knees over to one side, use bottom leg to stretch the top (you can reach arms up and out to get a great stretch)

2. Come into pigeon, but then bring back leg forward so knee touches foot. Then push up and extend arm backward.

3. Shift between WI/WII and humble warrior, lifting from the abdominals.

4. Shift between side angle and reverse warrior, using core to shift back and forth

5. Come to pigeon, bend back knee to do the quad stretch (make sure knee is in line with hip while doing so).

6. Jaw muscle massage! Tennis ball to jaw.

7. Cueing WI/WII…place hands on top of head, press head into hands, roll shoulders down back, spread the elbows wide!

8.Breath behind eyeballs

9. Notice where your breath goes first – area of greatest tension

10. Avoiding sensation – going to easier side first.

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