draft physio

Start off on your back, hug knees into chest, gently roll back and forth, stimulates bone growth. release antiinflammatories

Hanging your neck doesn’t help you out – can cause strain on the spine

Doing side crunches on the ground – back compression so you need a good cushion between your side on the ground

Get on the roller and have elbows out

Talk about sitting at the desk

Twists wrists and feet, spreading out so we reverse the actions of typing and writing etc. –> builds up strength!

Sit on your feet, toes tucked under. 1) Heels aligned, stretches out the soleus, a calf muscle that rarely gets worked on 2) heels spread apart but big toes apart because that works on the pinky toes more. Lean back weight as needed 3) then with ankles down for proper stretch

Be careful in child’s pose, because you need to extend the spine (GREAT for hyperlordosis) but keep chest expanded, preferrably head on a block. Maybe put a blanket between stomach and thighs for more of a stretch in the lower back

Cross legs naturally spreads the sacral region, gluteus stretch. Rotate around, get a nice abdominal workout.

Having the roller vertically aligned with spine (upper region). Do crunches, side stuff, extend the leg.

Rolling on the roller: as it rolls up, brings arm up. Roll down, brings arm down.

He loves the reverse table top thing. If you can’t get hips up, may not be a strength issue, but a hip flexer flexibility issue. Also, roll shoulders down. Also, can come to elbows if wrists hurt.

What it does:

Stand on tip toes – lose a sense.



Against wall – down dog.

against wall – lunge. stretch up the wall

against wall – straight leg forward bend

On floor – child’s pose. Keep the whole back on the ground. Can use a strap

Spread legs wide – use a strap

stimulating a rat’s whisker

Sit with legs spread apart, pelvis tilt. Rotate side to side, in circles

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