Muladhara Exercises

Yoga Poses

1. Knee to Chest Pose: Apasana

– be gentle with lower back issues, always root tail bone down to the ground to create a neutral spine

– can also alternate single legs (either lay the other leg down or let it float)

– can go back and forth between pulling into chest and then almost having feet about an inch over the ground

2. Hamstring stretch with a strap

– on your back, straighten one leg and wrap a strap around the arch of the foot, flex the toes

– you can slide the strap back and forth to open the sensations on the foot

– each inhalation bend knee slightly, each exhalation press foot into the tie extending the leg

3. Chair Pose: utkatasana

– press feet down into the earth

– imagine the square formed by the feet –> squares/rectangles are very grounding Feng Shui shapes

4. Any balancing pose

5. Kegel Exercises

Bioenergetic Poses

1. Stand with feet hip width apart or slightly wider, very minute pigeon toes. Bend knees on an inhale, and exhale press feet into the floor and slightly outward, almost as if you are trying to push away the floor that is “rising up” to you (or pushing floor boards away). Do it slowly. Don’t lock the knees as that cuts off energy building.

2. The Elephant: have the same stance, but do a forward fold (you can bend the knees a lot) and press palms into the ground. Inhale, bend your knees to about 45 degrees, then press out again. Repeat until you feel a shaking/streaming of energy that is activating the sciatic nerve.

3. Pushing the Feet; Lie on your back and raise your legs, with knees relatively stress. Push your legs into the air with your feet flexed, your toe pointing toward your head. Push into your heels.

Other Stuff

1. Massages. Are. Great. Really connect with how the massage feels.

2. Stomping feet

3. Foot roller (tennis ball, lover, massage balls)

4. Jump up and down (bend your knees when you land and spring back up)

5. Kicking removes tension from the legs. You can lie on a bed and kick legs rhythmically (or on the floor). Try with knees bend and straight.

6. Jogging (especially barefoot on dirt/grass!)

7. Riding on a bus or train without holding onto anything.

8. Resting. Just experience the benefits of slowing down.

9. A lot of people eat to ground themselves, however, be wary that overeating puts us also out of touch with the body.


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