CREATE Exercises


1. WATER: Document and study shapes made by water. Find as many as you can. Research some, then make up your own.

2. Document the mundane: Let’s pay some respect to Confucius. Sketch or document things you use in your daily routine. “I have always loved things. Just things in the world. I love trying to find the shape of things.”

3. Document the colors of your memories, your dreams, your books.

Connect Exercises

1. Opposite brainstorming: have notecards with specific words/ideas on them and ask people to generate one opposite word. Then dispose of that word and ask them to come up with three more.

2. Two Objects: find two different objects and try to come up with as many connections between them as you can. You may need to research them.

3. Two Activities: reflect on what it’s like to combine two different activities, like walking and reading, or drawing and eating

4. Collection: start a collection based on the first found object you see. You choose what the connecting factor is.


How to be an Explorer in the World – By Keri Smith

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