“Heart Skips a Beet” – Golden Beets with Blackberry-Mint dressing [VEGAN, GF]

“Kites Kale” – unrelated to the title, but kale salad with miso ginger aeoli and other deliciousness like tempeh [VEGAN, GF]

“Poppyseed Avocado” – almost too simple to be under this heading [VEGAN, GF]

“Smokey ‘Chicken’ Salad” – spruced up with green grapes and walnuts (maybe even rosemary?), always a pleasure to have our friend the smokey tofu [VEGAN, GF]


Vegan Quesadilla – featuring the lovely kale and Rice American cheese [VEGAN – Duhr]

“The Lean, Green, Mean, Machine” – no, not trees (if you were in my 2nd grade class and remember the song). Or a recycling eating trash can a la Oscar from Sesame Street. Just our old buddies avocado, tahini, and a guest visit from watercress. [VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE]

The Asian Persuasion Pizza – self explanatory


Creamy Corn Chowder – vegan, inspired from “The Conscious Cook”, perfect for managing to consume large amounts of farm share corn


Avocado Pasta

Avocado Mashed Potatoes – avocado = the new butter


Rendered Raw Cookies – go on a date…with dates. Profound, I know. [VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE]

Dark Chocolate Zucchini Bread – with a side of grit

Basked in Basics – flourless peanut butter cookies with flaxseed [VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE]

Raw Cacao Cashew Berry Pie – bearing berry brilliance with the intelligence of a few cups of cashews [VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE]

Mexican Chocolate Pizza – spicy, firey, fruity, and well, chocolatey

“The Stud”: Nutella, oreo, chocolate chip, walnut cookie. Oh hi cookie monster, missed you.

Pistachio Rosewater Baklava: the flirtatious goddess of desserts


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