Originally from Hong Kong, Kelly analyzes religious themes in episodes of Modern Family, is a confused ex-swimmer, and once attended Harvard College in her free time. She accidentally majored in Neurobiology while researching yoga & mindfulness meditation’s effects on the neural pathways in the brain associated with creativity.

This blog was born on May 26, 2011 to a striped unicorn and a koala. During the respective summer, Kelly decided to take a break from neuroscience, her mouthful of a thesis, and studying in general. After begging Susan Lieu, co-founder of Sôcôla Chocolatier, to be her padawan, Kelly lived in San Francisco while diving into the decadent world of chocolates. This bittersweet blog originally chronicled her summer escapades in the golden city of SF as she explored the food industry, yoga, creativity, being the lowly intern, and the real world (she still can’t cook). No puns from “EatPrayLove”, please.

For take two Kelly, confused as ever,  found herself again in the tantalizing summer tango of food (Clover Food Labs), yoga teaching, and neuroscience research with Dr. Sara Lazar (mmm sounds like a salsa).

And now she’s entering the real world with her newfound pet (re: ukulele) and a deep-seated fear of cold by her side. Good thing she’s going to Chicago to teach science.

Other wonderful things Kelly loves (besides referring to herself in third person):

1. Photography (if you need someone to photograph something…)

2. Learning languages (hit her up for 普通话 한국어 maybe even espanol? language buddying)

3. Working out while watching the cooking channel

3.5 But I’m actually addicted to learning how to cook

4. Pretending to understand philosophy

5. Almost any kind of music

6. Trying anything new especially weird food

7. Jeeps (my Dad had a red jeep when I was a baby. I think it imprinted into my subconscious, primitive mind)

8. Integration of Western & Eastern medicine and psychology. Or any alternative practice, medicine, and healing, really.

9. Water play

10. Her ukulele, daddy guitar, and djembe.

101. Chocolate 


  1. ShelbyRaglan

    God created us for each other my Kells, I bike my high-resistance plateaus while watching mouthwatering chocolate cakes be made on the food network. ❤

  2. Kel–this makes me love you so much. Wait… scratch that. This helped me rediscover why I love you so much. Yayyy I love your bloggggg ❤

  3. anonymous

    chocolate jasmine. AMAZING. 😀

  4. PT

    Kelly is a genius. This is my most read website and with good reason. Keep it up!

  5. Alexa

    i love the intro, Kshimrob 🙂
    your thesis also sounds SO cool!!!

  6. joanne pfeiffer

    Hi Kelly, So good to meet you on your blog. I am a Professor Emeritus at Grand View University in Des Moines, Ia. I am presently teaching a class on Meditation and Mindfulness and very interested in your work. I got your name from Elena at ISU whose Creativity class I spoke to on Meditation on Fri. I would be very interested in exploring a pre and post creativity assessment after the semester class on Meditation. I am interested in your thoughts.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter Joanne Pfeiffer

  7. Charlotte Roberts

    Hi Kelly!
    I miss you so much! I hope you come to the states soon! 🇺🇸
    Love, your cousin
    Charlotte 💜

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