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Sanda Anderlon

I told my boyfriend a couple weeks ago that I would love to never have to work. I think people fall into two categories regarding this situation: those who would get bored and those who would be delighted beyond imagination. I fall into the latter category. When asked why, I responded by saying that the plethora of projects I have tucked into the back of my mind could finally come to life. Most of these projects bring me personal creative satisfaction. I am also fantastic with managing my own free time, whereas I know others who fall into a TV-bingeing slump otherwise.

Anyways, why the ramble? I came across Sanda Anderlon, an amazing artist who does work from collages, cute animations, to deep visual presentations. Her collages (see here) are absolutely stunning, and have inspired me to want to collect many vintage magazines to create my own. Dramatic sigh here. I wish I had the time.

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