David Chang: Vegetarian Korean Dishes

This is a short one…

Korean nuns + yogic sun salutations + 26 banchan 반찬 + humbled pork-celebrity chef = joy…Did a random google search on Korean vegan food and came across this article, and now have decided summer goal #1 = making a full on veggie/vegan Korean meal.


Here’s some random fun yoga flows that I learned this week and wanted to share so you can experiment:

Speaking of experiments…I’m reading up on mindfulness meditation by reading the most foundational book on it by Jon Kabat-Zinn, written in 1990 (“Full Catastrophe Living”). He speaks of how our minds and bodies are vehicles for experiments, and how approaching mindfulness meditation should be like an experiment. I love that philosophy because it’s in line with my experiences in neuroscience, in cooking, in yoga (the yogis who sat around for years testing out poses/mudras/chants), now Clover Fast Foods, where I’m interning. They like to call their restaurants/food trucks more of a Food Lab, inspired by Ayr Muir (founder) and his scientific/engineering background. Experiments are awesome. So don’t follow a strict yoga schedule and sequence all the time – experiment, mess around, break out of the routine and suddenly go into a ragey dance mode. It’s all yoga, really. [check sources where I’m slowlyyyyyyy updating on mindfulness.]

Mindfulness Meditation #1: Breathing for 3 minutes

To experience the pull of the thinking mind try this experiment. Close your eyes, sit upright, and become aware of your breathing. Don’t worry about how you are breathing but instead let it happen and be aware of it, feeling how it feels, objectively witnessing it as it flows in and out. You can notice how the air feels through your nostrils, or going down your windpipe, or where your body inflates/deflates.

If you start thinking about how bored you are or if you start thinking about what you should really be doing, let the thought/feeling be there and note to yourself what thought/judgement you just had. It’s kind of like keeping a mini diary. Then simply let go of it and bring your attention back to your breathing. Finish after three minutes and reflect on how much your mind wandered or not. Most important: no hating on yourself! It’s just a fun experiment you can practice everyday.

Sad news: no more Sandrine’s. I miss the group dearly, but I decided that I wasn’t interested in working with meat at this time. But I’m definitely not sick of work in the kitchen and learning more about cooking, tasting, and techniques. According to my friend, the onions I diced for our Indian dinner were pro (cut onion in half, then slice parallel but don’t go all the way, cut the onion half into two layers but don’t go all the way either, and then finally chop chop chop perpendicular to the first cuts). I owe my new skillset to Sandrine’s super sweet chef Carlos, who I don’t have a photo of, but looks so similar to Iron Man (but older a la George Clooney) that I think I’ll just use his photo instead. Hope he doesn’t mind.

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  1. Love the drawings! No 3 – ‘Jump and clap’ – is a new one for me – will try it later…

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