Herbing Out P1

So I’m in the middle of a sick yoga teacher training certification at Karma Yoga Studio and yesterday we covered superfoods and superherbs. Basically, the main idea is that these are foods high in prana/energy. Or in less esoteric terms, full of juicy nutrients, life, and are at the bottom of the food chain. It’s mother nature’s way of taking care of us.

These are things like fresh & raw veggies, fruits, nuts, legumes, mushrooms…you get the idea. It’s simple. And so healthy. And it’s the optimal way of living as it helps establish you at a healthy weight, maintain a strong immune system, and live longer (if done in moderation a la The Middle Way).

Luckily for us, Boston was hosting its first ever Herbstalk . I was so bummed I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing since I had to head back to work at Sandrine’s (the French bistro I apprentice at. Or intern. Or whatever.) But I got a lot out of the whole thing and the atmosphere was so vibrant. It was so energizing to see how many people were actually there and eager to learn about what the world has to offer. And she’s got a ton.

So what do you get to do at a Herbalicious gathering? Well, here are some available options (to continue in later posts).

1. Drawing on the sidewalk. Being eight as wait for your savory BBQ Seitan sandwich from Clover Food Truck is always a great remedy for getting over a night out.

Amanda getting her fix of chalk art.

My eating wave.

2. See a yellow jeep (please refer to my bio to understand why this is important)

3. Be intrigued by the idea of Broga (I promise you I will attend a class and report back)


That’s M. She’s from Alaska. And she dyes her silk scarves with everything from beets to cabbage to lemons to grapes to flowers. The $$ is donated to different bee cooperatives and local food sources. New hobby? Potentially. If you want to see how click here.

Welcoming a new member to my family – RED ONION

[[[[to be continued]]]

Daily Nutrition Report

I got way too excited by cauliflower that looked like the brain cortex. Neuronerdiness to the rescue. (FYI, roasted cauliflower with only oil, salt & pepper sprinkled on it is phenomenal. Chef Carlos reckoned the scallops weren’t selling as well because they were only being offered with the cauliflower than with starch. Usually the dish comes with mashed potatoes.)

I also got to meet these awesome kids today. They’re called Fiddleheads. I thought originally that Enrique was saying fetal heads. I heard very, very wrong (though it works, right? Kinda?) When sauteed with onions and garlic, it tastes delicious, with half its texture like spinach, and the other like a green bean. Their light taste is a cross between okra and a green bean. Full of omega-3, omega-6, antioxidants, and potassium, these guys are only available to be harvested during the spring/early summer.

Deciding still whether or not to stay with them. Will elaborate in another post.

And boo, Celtics lost the final game. I know I’m incompetent when it comes to sports knowledge and my enthusiasm for watching sports is about the same level as my enthusiasm to run a marathon (random fact: every marathon run will do permanent damage to your heart), but I’m in Boston. And being foreign let’s me have no real affiliation.

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