Not exactly what you had in mind, I know. A compilation of random things I created, ate, and are still haunting me in my dreams (and also didn’t make it into any of my blog posts). I will miss you, SF 2011. I’ll be back for more.

A S’more cupcake from the Cupkates, the cupcake food truck. Deep chocolate, burnt vanilla icing, and a graham cracker hidden at the bottom. The flavor is very light, and the only memorable part really was the graham cracker.

A lavender nutella creme brulee from the creme brulee cart at the Fort Mason farmer’s market. I shared this with a random person standing around because I couldn’t eat it all. Was met with a weird look, and then it dissolved 5 seconds later the moment she took a bite.

Creation Numero Uno: Honey cookie with a date filling, topped with dark and white chocolate.

Senor Sisig Food Truck: a Filipino food truck hosting dishes like Filipino tacos and burritos. These were their pork spring rolls – seriously some of the best I’ve ever had. Delicate, crispy, and fresh. I’m not capturing their greatness for you but for a girl who’s lived off of spring rolls her whole life…that’s pretty big.

Kelly & Aida’s victory meal: Pear Ale and Vietnamese spring rolls with THE BEST PEANUT SAUCE EVER – what more could you ask for post-Critical Mass?

Creation Number Two is in honor of my addiction to raw kale: kale, peach, blackberry, seitan, and sesame seed salad tossed with a dark cherry vinaigrette.

Okay this was my winning food for the summer. I cannot even express to you how good this pizza was. My friend Kyle took me to this small pizza place, Pizzetta, located on 23rd Ave for his birthday. They change the menu every five days or so: sign of a good restaurant. It was tiny – only three tables and a small bar where you could watch a couple of girls make pizza. We came at 8:40 pm and barely managed to sit at the bar. We ordered the mediterranean lamb, red pepper, basil, and cheese pizza (I forget what kind..the shame, I know, the shame). The moment this savory, lush-smelling pizza came out of the oven, it found its way very easily into my mouth. I barely touched the bottom of the pizza with my tongue, and the powdery flour collected on the bottom of the pizza (fused with garlic and olive oil) melted on my tongue. I closed my eyes and let out a long mmmmmmm because I knew I was probably about to bite into one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. And it was. I nearly cried with each bite – the fresh, melting cheese, dancing with the fresh peppers and spicy lamb on my palette. What made it unforgettable was the pizza crust. Thin, but not so thin that it was crunchy. Baked almost like a doughy garlic bread, sprinkled with herbs, and perfectly chewy yet airy. I went to Italy for World Champs and this beats any pizza I had in Rome. If you go to SF, you have to, HAVE to go here. Kelly’s Creation #3: dark chocolate zucchini bread garnished with fresh basil.

Part of Kelly & Aida’s Cacao Adventure: sashimi. Yum.

Aida & I bought each bought this book as a present to ourselves in honor of our love for Tartine Bakery.

The croque monsieur: an open faced sandwich with bechamel (a French sauce where scalding milk is mixed gently into a flour-butter mixture), gruyere cheese, thyme, and pepper. We loved ours topped with either ham or mushrooms. One of my top five discoveries of the summer. 

Tres Leches Cake: “sweet coconut milk moistened chiffon, layered with cajeta and crema”

Oh, Tartine.

MY FIRST POACHED EGG EVER! A success. Alas, beginner’s luck. My next few tries were very unsuccesful.

Creation #4: Baked salmon coated with white truffle olive oil, lavender sea salt, rosemary, lime, and cacao nibs with some onion on the side.

Another adorable hole in the wall: Farm Table. A small cafe with only one large table for people to sit at. They made their almond milk fresh, so their almond milk latte was totally killer. Also another one of those places that switches up their menu on a daily basis.

Baked potatoes with creme fraiche and spring onions.

“Morning Toast”: Goat cheese, tomatoes, and basil leaves

Baked French bread with cheese and ham, topped with a boiled egg.

Creation Numero Cinco: Whole wheat pasta with artichokes, radishes, scallops, tossed with garlic, gouda cheese, and white truffle olive oil.

The notorious salted caramel ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery. Was a pleasant surprise, but definitely not my favorite flavor compared to their creme fraiche, basil (AMAZING texture), and chocolate.

Creation Six: Double Dark chocolate salted peanut cookies, drizzled with a smidgen of sea salt.

Joss and I went to Alembic, a small plates bar that’s fond of whiskey and gin down the road. Pictured here is The Gilded Lily: gin, yellow chartreuse, orange flower water, and sparkling demi sec with a touch of gold leaf.

Jerk duck hearts with pickled pineapple and thyme – clearly one of my requests.

This is another one that goes into my top 5 for the summer: Beef Tongue Sliders. These babies melt in your mouth. Fried green tomato pickles, arugula, red onion, and horseradish aioli.

And now we’ve come to the last of my creations (and the end of this post): Lettuce wraps filled with a baked radish, baked sweet potato, artichoke sausage, and caramelized onion mixed with a wild rice mustard-mayo-soy dressing. Basically, what was in my fridge.

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  1. i love the photos of the kale and the dark chocolate cookies. the DOF really puts the focus on the food. these are fantastic shots, but those two are my favorites.

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