kelly & aida are up to no good

So I apologize – I haven’t written a post for a good two weeks. I will also admit that the next few posts are more a recollection of what has gone down this summer, and a blatant excuse for me to upload photos of my life. So deal with it.

Kelly and Aida’s To Do List:

1. Grab fresh Tartine Bread, delicious cheese, wine, and chill out at Dolores Park (and also discover that the safest people to buy edibles from appear to be black transexuals. Yes, people do walk around the park openly selling “treats”)

We got olive bread which had other spices like rosemary in it, and a country bread. Both were perfectly crisp on the outside and light, chewy, but also fluffy on the inside. We indulged in an interesting red wine called Zweigelt 2008 – a very fruity Austrian red wine with the most adorable bottle (image below for your pleasure) that had a bottle cap top. Who knew we would find ourselves asking people for a beer bottle opener for a wine bottle? Enjoyed the creamiest goat cheese (almost butter-like) and beet-infused cheddar cheese on the side. The beet cheddar would first hit your palette with a wave of beet, and then slowly subside into a creamy chedder taste. Seriously fun.

2. Eat Ethiopian Food

…just because.

The real reason is I just haven’t had it before, so there you go. Nothing much to it, other than delicious, delicious, messy hands, delicious. We ate at Axum Cafe.

We had the vegetarian platter with a center of Tibsie Lamb: tender lamb slices tossed with jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and Ethiopian spices.

3. Make no-butter lemon scones as offerings to the gods

No explanation needed (I will admit we’re in a slight debt to Mother Nature, so yes to slightly guilty feelings). They were lush and tasted even better with fresh boysenberry jam.

4. Walk in the Dyke March

Forget the gay parade. This is where it’s at.

Of course, must be performed with your friend in a Sriracha Chili outfit and your own boss dressed as a chocolate bar.

Chocolate Bar got jealous of Sriracha getting all the attention, so she ran around screaming: “YOU ONLY LIKE ME WHEN YOU’RE ON YOUR PERIOD!” The result: a giant hug from a sympathetic supporter.

5. Go to a Farmer’s Market…and consume an entirely inappropriate (but awesome) food item

…in the form of a fresh coconut. AMAZING coconut meat, AMAZING coconut juice. Canned coconut drinks? Hells no.

Castro farmer’s market.

The sick mushroom guy who had bought a few coconuts for himself. We caught him in the act and asked him if we could buy a coconut from him. He acquiesced. #tropicswin

6. Go to a Graffiti Arts Festival

A collection of free spray cans, boards, and aspiring artists. We let our emotional rage out onto a piece of board – by writing our names in girly font. Have no fear: the Ivy League was represented well.Kite making & graffiti.

7. Represent the foodie population at Critical Mass

Originally founded in San Francisco in 1992, Critical Mass is held on the last Friday of each month. Bikers gather together at a single location and then take over the streets of the city, aiming to block cars and spread the biking + environmental love. We would either take over at least one side of theroad, sometimes the entire thing. We biked for almost two hours and Most Memorable Moment goes to biking through two tunnels.

Key phrases in addition to general whooping and hollering:






“DOWNSHIFT.” (only for those who have single gear bikes. NOT us.)



“#*$)(@#*%&!!!(*@)#($*@)*#$&~!!” (when a car or a pedestrian stupidly tries to break through the bike mass)


Susan warned me.

Posing with bagels and bikes.

Naked bikers. Curiously only men. Had a pleasant conversation with one about my pink tights and green hat ensemble. Only one question remains unanswered: Does it hurt? 

The route that no one followed.Epic.

Groups would go into the middle of a large, busy intersection and then began swarming in circles, a la Animal Behavior 101.

8. Get up ridiculously early to celebrate/mourn the bittersweet ending of a phenomena

You know where it’s at.

Whistling the HP theme song while biking to the theater is true commitment.


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