how chefs tailgate

第十一天:So we all know what a regular tailgate before an football game is like (College? HYP? The back of Regan’s sketchy Zipcar?) But what is a chef tailgate pre-Giants game?

Simple: a potluck. And a lot of seriously great wine and cheese.

My day at work consisted of some research and then Susan forced me represent Team Sôcôla at a Chef’s Lounge for a couple of hours. Okay maybe forced isn’t the most appropriate word, since I was pretty ecstatic to go. What’s a Chef’s Lounge? The executive chef at Birk’s Restaurant, Maurice Dissels, and another culinary friend decided to put together a monthly gathering of chefs located in the SF region. The point: a few hours of solitude in good company with good food. It’s an oasis away from the competitive, ego-filled, intense culinary world (which they love, obviously).

This is the man, Maurice.

Daily Nutrition Facts

  1. Some delicious beef wrapped in olives
  2. An African originated beef stew dish created by Chef Maurice (who infuses his ethnic tastes of British Guinia). Deep, intense flavor resonated from the sauce that took over three days to boil. The spices were absolutely delicious with the sourdough bread and wines.
  3. Incredible Spanish Paella from world renowned Chef Marc Vogel (he gets flown everywhere just to make his paella – he’s going to Dubai next week!) The rice was a gorgeous orange and the sausage, shrimp, seafood, and chicken used in the dish were top quality. The dish was perfectly moist and bursting with flavor. I was full but went back for seconds anyways.
  4. Some Nem Chua (fermented Vietnamese lamb and beef sausages) and Tofu Misozuke (Tofu fermented in miso for over two months). Both were exotic and novel, especially the tofu. I was a huge fan of the tofu, which was creamy like cream cheese, but had the strong tang of miso as well as hints of kelp. Oanh provided the food (her brand is called Rau Om) and is extremely new to the industry. She hasn’t started selling at any sort of market. She is a Harvard graduate and works in the consulting world, but carries out her passion on the side. It apparently took several years of scientific experiments to get her products to be as perfect as they are. Chef Maurice said because her ideas were so unique, almost any type of cuisine could incorporate her tofu paste in order to create an original dish. Creativity at its best.
  5. Chocolate coated coconut macaroons with bacon bits. This sweet & salt craze makes it impossible to even contemplate losing weight.

Lesson of the Day (more like wistful thought of the day)

God I wish I could cook in order to partake in these fun and games.

Random words to increase your intelligence (what?)

Claque: a group of people hired to clap

“The Chinese government assigned claques for specific countries during the Olympic Games, thus taking up seats that could have been sold.”

Nictitate: to wink

“The boy over there has some major nictitating action going on. I think he wants me.”

Logorrhea: verbal diarrhea

“Right now all I hear is logorrhea. Keep it in, girl.”


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3 responses to “how chefs tailgate

  1. Caitlin

    Omg Kelly… this post made me so happy. what an amazing experience ahhhhhhh chefs everywhere! foodgasms!

  2. Liora

    jealous! it seems so exotic

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Kelly! It was a pleasure meeting you. Look forward to seeing you at the next chef’s lounge, if not sooner. More goodies to come 🙂

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