got chocolat?

第四天:I promised pictures a couple days ago, so here they are. I realize I’m two days behind and I apologize. I will do my best to recap the fun and giggles of my Friday.

Susan had me attend an Artisan Chocolate Tasting Event with her at the swanky Press Club downtown. The event was organized by a developing food rating website, Foodia. Basically, it’s a “Yelp for your kitchen”. You know when you go to a local food market with all those amazing, organic products, you first think: SICK. And then: Oh wait, I have ten bucks. What do I go for? That’s when Foodia steps in. Although a budding website, Foodia has it down when trying to help the average shopper. If the site can build up a good enough community that actively supplies ratings and information, it will definitely become an invaluable tool for foodies.

So this was my second time helping Sôcôla promote their East-West fusion chocolates at a food event. I’m starting to really love these events, because you get to meet people and also check out the local food scene. How it works for me is pretty simple.


Sampling Case & Guava Chocolate Bars

Yes, I can handle a knife without hurting myself. Important Life Skill #1 (did I mention these life skills will now be a frequent in this blog as I have none). It’s important to start with the lighter flavors and then finish with the Sriracha Chili, since I don’t want the garlic chili flavor to overpower the other subtle flavors like Jasmine Tea or Stout Beer. Optimal time for chocolate consumption.


We ditched the car today and decided to be hardcore. Using our handy little dolly (Life Skill #2 ) and my non-existent swimmer muscles, we managed to move all the stuff we need. One point for public transportation.


Set up the booth to make it pretty and nice like this.

Susan and I all ready to go.

The lush Assortment Box open for display.


Tell, sell, and have a swell time.

Socola’s mascot is Harriet, a winged alpalca (definition: a domesticated species of South American camelid or in other words, awesomeness). Susan and her sister Wendy adopted her from her mystical homeland. Harriet loves to travel and bring home flavors from all around the world like Tamarind Sesame and Green Tea. She gets lost occasionally, but she makes up for it with lots of sass. 

(Susan can tell it like it is. I’m still in training, made apparent by my excited baby face. Patience.)

This event was extremely popular. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It’s downtown, at a swag bar, a glass of wine for the first 100 people, and it’s a free event with a whole host of chocolate companies with samples. There was a mad scramble of people trying to taste and understand our product, so I didn’t get a chance to try other products. Although I did get to try chocolate mint water for the first time in my life (DON’T try it. It’s basically a non-alcoholic version of flavored vodka, which makes no sense = therefore not worth the money.)

Afterwards, I returned back to my temporary apartment to be greeted by a pregame featuring people who worked at Facebook. They were all great fun, but it’s a little surreal to think these people are in charge of 10% of my brain space (and you wonder if I’m a neuro major). I’m not kidding. Every time I open my Mac, my fingers unconsciously pump out their URL and I’m on the website before you can say “Zuckerberg loves Jewish Luaus”.

One guy I talked to was in charge of notifications. He said his job was to “accidentally break them, then fix them”. If you know what that means hit me up. He also told me they get amazing meals on the “Facebook Campus” that have daily themes, some of which include: Japanese, Ethiopian, and Get Out of Jail Day. They also get formals and dodgeball days. Basically, Mark Zuckerberg is trying to relive the college days he never had.

When I see Sammi or Maxine (two awesome girls who live in the apartment with me, also fellow Harvardians) on Facebook, it’s hard to tell whether it’s work or play. One Facebooker Dave put it best: “It’s a very fuzzy line, honestly.”

My fuzzy line is whether or not chocolate > Facebook. Wait, I so take that back. Chocolate wins by far.

And no, I was not paid to say that. All from the heart baby.

Daily Nutrition Report

  • Lunch = Hot Chicken with Aioli Chipotle on a white baguette at Dolores Café. I made the huge mistake of asking for a recommendation and then going with what the girl suggested based off of what everyone tends to order. The moment I said: “Okay, I’ll get that” I totally regretted it. No, I did not want that Chicken sandwich. I wanted the Divine Veggie on wholewheat toast. Why didn’t I listen to my gut? I think someone out there wanted to punish me for my dumb decision because the staff forgot about my order. I didn’t get my food until half an hour after I ordered it. Grumblegrumble – yes I know.
  • Dinner = Tacos de Buche to go from Chilange Restaurant on 235 Church Street. Totally made up for lunch. This time I did a 360 and asked the head chef, Roberto, to recommend me something really delicious and weird. That worked. His face lit up and he told me most people went for something I don’t really care to remember because it was too typical but he told me what was really delicious and fresh was the pork maw. Pork maw = lining of hog stomach. That had me hooked. And I was pleasantly surprised by the result. The food was cooked lard and butter free, and the soft tacos were thin, fluffy, and made with the veggie stuff that turns them green (sorry for lack of a better description). The pork maw was juicy and cooked with fresh onions and spices, and the forest green salsa verde was tangy and had a great kick to it. The best part was that it was portioned for a normal human being.

Lesson of the Day

When it comes to picking your food, please trust the voice in your stomach and do your own thing. Applicable to other areas of life as well. As if you didn’t already know that.

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